Cat Boarding Merritt Island

Cat Condos

Barkingham Palace's owners and staff have years of experience caring for and loving cats. Our cattery was designed from the start to be a comfortable, sunny and friendly place for your cat while you are away. We've even included an aquarium in the cattery for them to dream about!

Our cat kennels are "condos" that can be adjusted to fit one or more of a family of cats. Normally, a cat is allowed out to play in the cattery room, by itself, for about a half-hour each day.

We feed Friskies dry cat food. However, we strongly recommend that you not change the cat's diet, especially for a short stay. So please bring in your own food and we will feed that brand, according to your instructions.

cat cleanup area

We have a small refrigerator in the Cattery, for opened cans of wet food and for medications that require refrigeration. Our staff is experienced in administering insulin, should you need to bring it for your cat (please bring any needed syringes). We charge $3.00 per day for the administration of medications.

Our boarding rate for cats, effective June 15, 2019, is $20.00 per night, any day of the year (same price for Holidays).

If you wish to make a reservation, please click on the "Reservations" link above. There you will find a form that you can fill in and submit to us for cat boarding. Please note that a reservation is not confirmed until you hear back from us